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Frequently Asked Questions

In a motorsports organization as diverse as Team Penske, there are a lot of questions we hear from fans on all levels of racing. Here, we've compiled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from fans. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please select the "Contact Us" link and let us know how we can help you.

I have experience driving competitively. How can I be sponsored or drive for your team?
Team Penske is focused on the business of racing, not in the business of sponsoring other drivers and teams. All Driver profiles/resumes should be sent to the following address:

Team Penske
Attn: Driver Inquiries
200 Penske Way
Mooresville, NC 28115

How can I obtain permission to use Team Penske’s trademarks, driver’s names, car numbers or car liveries on products?

To request a Licensing application for Team Penske or any drivers rights, please send inquiries to:

I am interested in a job - where do I send my resume?

To explore more about the positions for which we are currently accepting applications, please visit our Careers Page of the website.

To explore the positions for which we are currently accepting resumes, please check our Careers page,  

We offer xyz product/service. How do I inquire about potential business opportunities?

Thank you for your interest in the Team Penske teams. Marketing and potential business opportunities regarding our NASCAR and INDYCAR SERIES teams should be sent to the following e-mail address:

Do you donate goods to charitable organizations? How do I request a donation?

Team Penske is committed to positively influencing the community beyond just racing. We are dedicated to supporting charities and nonprofit organizations through the donation of race used items and memorabilia. However, due to the numerous donation requests received annually, we’ve established the following guidelines to serve as a framework for fair and impartial distribution of items. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in denial.

All requests must be made in writing on organizational letterhead and mailed to:
Team Penske
Attn: Donations
200 Penske Way
Mooresville, NC 28115

All requests must be made six weeks prior to the event date, no exceptions.

All requests must include:

- Name, location and date of the event
- Type of fundraiser (auction, raffle, etc.)
- Beneficiary of event
- Contact name, address and phone number
- Organizations tax id number, if applicable
- Organizations full address (please note that we cannot mail donations to P.O. Boxes)
- Description/Mission of the organization
- Expected attendance of event

Failure to include this information will result in denial.

Email or fax requests are not accepted.

All organizations that receive a donation must return the Team Penske Auction Record Form. The organization holding the fundraiser is responsible for returning the form to Team Penske. We will not be able to donate another item to the organization until we have received a copy of the completed Auction Record Form.

OUR AREA OF FOCUS: Team Penske places priority on supporting communities that are directly associated with our organization.

Due to the volume of requests received, Team Penske is unable to make monetary donations. All items donated are at the discretion of Team Penske. Please limit donation requests to once per calendar year and refrain from sending multiple requests to other departments within Team Penske, a driver’s fan club or foundation. Submitting a donation request does not guarantee a donation. Receipt of a donation does not guarantee future support. Decorations or donations for parties, reunions or sports-themed rooms cannot be fulfilled.

It is our policy that all organizations within a 60-mile radius of Team Penske pick their donation up during normal business hours at our Mooresville facility.

Directions to the Team Penske Facility in Mooresville, NC?

Team Penske
200 Penske Way
Mooresville, NC 28115

I-77 to Exit 36
Highway 150 East to the intersection of Highways 150 and 801.
Turn left onto Highway 801 North.
Turn left onto Mooresville Boulevard [Mooresville Business Park].
Turn left onto Penske Way
Take first left into Team Penske's main entrance.


I-77 to Exit 36.
Highway 150 East to the intersection of Highways 150 and 115.
Turn left onto Highway 115 North.
Turn right onto Mazeppa Road and go about 2 miles.
Turn right onto Penske Way just before the large water tower.
Turn right onto the second paved road into Team Penske's main entrance.


How do I get an autograph from one of your drivers?

All Team Penske drivers participate in autograph sessions both at and away from the track during the course of the season. Please check the driver appearance calendar to see specific upcoming opportunities. There is also autographed merchandise available for purchase on our online store.

Requests for Team Penske drivers can be directed to the following locations:  

For Joey Logano: 
Team Penske cannot accept autograph requests for Joey Logano. Please visit Joey’s website for more information pertaining to these inquiries.  

Please Note: Any items received for Joey Logano at Team Penske following May 10, 2023, will not be returned to sender.

All Other Drivers (NASCAR and INDYCAR): 

Penske Racing South
Attn: Autograph Request
200 Penske Way
Mooresville, NC 28115

Please adhere to the following autograph request requirements and instructions:

  • Limit your autograph requests to one per calendar year.
  • Limit your request to no more than three (3) items per driver.  Additional items will be return unsigned.
  • Include proper return postage or a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
    • Anything received without proper return postage will be discarded or donated.
  • Do not send multiple driver requests in one package – send individual package addressed to each driver.
  • Due to the number of requests received, drivers cannot personalize items.

Team Penske cannot be held responsible for any lost, misplaced or missing items. We appreciate your continued patience in return times as we continue to fulfill the large volume of requests received.

What is the driver appearance schedule?

We have a listing of upcoming driver appearances here on our website. Many tracks also list drivers public appearances on their websites. The driver's public appearances also are contained in their fan club information and on their websites. The times that Brad, Ryan and Joey will appear at the Team Penske Merchandise trailer on race weekends will be listed on the trailer.