Carrying On Holiday Traditions at Team Penske

December 21, 2020

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Tradition is an important part of the fabric of Team Penske. Over the last 54 years of competition and heritage, the team has established a tradition of excellence, teamwork, partnership, respect and winning. Tradition within the team extends beyond the race track and the walls of Team Penske headquarters in Mooresville, NC, however. When it comes to the holiday season and celebrating with family and friends, Team Penske takes its traditions pretty seriously. After all, team members know that the support and love from their own family fuels the passion to keep building on the tradition of success in racing and in business.

Holiday traditions at Team Penske come in many shapes and sizes. A tradition could be as simple as an act of kindness and that holds true for Kyle Moyer, INDYCAR General Manager for the team, and his wife Tracy. The Moyers help out on holiday mornings at the barn where they board their horses. On Christmas morning and New Year’s Day, the Moyers can be found at the barn feeding the horses and mucking the stalls so that the grooms and barn helpers can have those mornings off to be with their own families. This tradition began for the Moyers in Indianapolis in 2005 and they brough it with them to North Carolina after Kyle joined Team Penske in 2015.

Team Penske Facilities Manager Jeffrey Baker and family have a tradition that is focused on the origin of Christmas. “One of the traditions we have in our home is to celebrate the reason for the season and that is Jesus’ birth.  So, on Christmas morning we have a cake in honor of his birthday.” The Bakers have created the special Christmas cake the same way since the family welcomed twins to their home 18 years ago – a red velvet cake with white icing, symbolizing the sacrifice of Christ.

After dinner with her family on Christmas eve, Team Penske Executive Assistant Adele Goodman visits the final resting place affiliated with her church for a special tradition to honor and celebrate those that are no longer with us. Goodman places hundreds of tea light candles on the gravestones of family members and loved ones to help keep their memories alive while Manheim Steamroller’s “Silent Night” provides the soundtrack to the tribute. “It’s a magical and peaceful time and just my personal way of remembering all those that we’ve lost and spending a little time with them on Christmas Eve before I go to bed and wake up to a busy day with the family,” said Goodman. 

“This is a tradition I get to continue this year despite COVID,” she added. After celebrating Christmas morning with breakfast at her sisters’ home, Goodman hosts dinner at the farm – the place that her family has called home for six generations. After dinner, Goodman’s family has a little fun with a spirited card game “Rook,” ensuring that everyone plays by the rules! As Goodman recalls about the tradition of the annual holiday game, “we still remember the winners, the losers and the major mess-ups from year’s past, and then we rub it in.”


Team Penske Parts Specialist Scott Dinin embraces different holidays during the season as his family celebrates both Christmas and Hannukah. His family picks a day that is convenient for everyone and they host an annual gift exchange with a family dinner. The Dinins also visit different light displays in the area to illuminate the season including popular ones at The Biltmore Estate, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and McAdenville. With his parents living in the Mooresville area, along with his sister and brother-in-law Dinin enjoys spending plenty of time together with his family during the holidays.

The Beichner family keeps their holiday traditions alive from North to South each year. Originally from the state of New York, Team Penske Athletic Director Jim Beichner relocated south to Charlotte, NC in December of 2013. He traveled through a blizzard in western New York before finding a nice sunny day during the holiday season waiting for him in Charlotte. Since his move, Beichner has enjoyed two Christmas celebrations each year – he refers to them as “a southern Christmas (usually without snow) and one week later… a northern Christmas (usually with lots of cold and tons of snow).” The complete Beichner crew includes 10 brothers and sisters, many more cousins and some good friends sprinkled in.

Though there will be only one in-person celebration this year, the Beichners to keep their twin traditions alive through a virtual gathering.  

“The eight ‘Southern Beichners’ – as I call our group – will celebrate Christmas this year in the south only due to COVID-19 restrictions,” said Beichner. “The second celebration with the Northern Beichners will have to be via Facetime.  Although it won’t be the same as being physically present, I count my blessings that technology allows us to see everyone as if we were right there in the middle of all the family gatherings.”

Although traditions often change over time, they continue to evolve and take on a different meaning and significance for new generations. The holiday season represents a special time for Team Penske and an opportunity for team members to celebrate, reflect and carry on traditions – or maybe even build some new ones.  With the unprecedented circumstances everyone has faced in 2020, perhaps its even more important this year to focus on loved ones and tradition to celebrate what’s most important.  

Happy Holidays from everyone at Team Penske!

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